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Using climate data for better decision making

Lots of discussion has being raised on the global need for data availability and freedom of access to different kinds of information.   In the “wikileaks” age and with major internet penetration rates in countries, we are sure that there is information such as climate monitoring data , which can be used for very good purposes. We may think that there is a lack of information on weather or climate conditions data. But the fact is that this is not true. There is lots of primary environmental and climate information dispersed in the “World Wide Web” and in different information repositories that can be used. The problem is that there is a lack of means to take this information to the final user like you and me.  I will write today about the importance to have available climate information for better decision making. It can be used for early warning systems, disaster response planning or for simple citizen’s knowledge. One of the most important environmental set of data worldwide is the o